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Business consulting
In the life of every company, there comes a time when external assistance is needed to solve problems, address needs, or achieve objectives effectively and efficiently.
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Budgeting & Forecasting
To clearly define the long and short-term needs of any business, it is necessary to have sales forecasts and budgets.
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Intangible asset planning
At Invictus Advisors, we can assist you with the intangible assets of your business, including patents, copyrights, franchises, etc.
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Accounting expertise
At Invictus Advisors, we offer a range of comprehensive solutions in the field of accounting. Tax deductions, filings, profit analysis, and business advisory strategies.
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Immigration services
No matter how complex your situation is, at Invictus Advisors, we will fight for your rights as an immigrant.
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Human resources
With our wealth of experience in this domain, we offer comprehensive HR management solutions tailored to your needs
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Fully integrated tax
Discover how Invictus Advisors' Fully Integrated Taxes can optimize your tax situation and take you to the next financial level
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Legal entity creation
At Invictus Advisors, you have a team of professionals in legal entity creation, tailored solutions to introduce your business to the corporate world.
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Multinational Compliance Review
At Invictus Advisors, we understand the challenges faced by multinational companies in complying with complex regulations across multiple jurisdictions.
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During the past couple of years, I’ve had the opportunity to work with Invictus Advisors; first as members of the Otay Mesa Chamber of Commerce (where I work at) and later as a customer of their firm. They seem to have the right answer to any question that may arise during those seminars. Not only that, they provide excellent ideas to business owners, always ahead of the game. I’ve seen them flourish and there is nothing that I would like more, than to see them succeed so they can continue serving our community.”

Viviana Ibanez
Programs DirectorPrograms Director, Chamber of Commerce,