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Lunch with the Shark – Volume 20

Lunch with the Shark


Lunch with the Shark is a webseries that focuses on you and your business. Covering a wide range of topics from business owner mindset to financials to what kills a business all of the topics are carefully curated by The Shark CFO Vidal Espinosa.

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Vidal Espinosa, MBA is the Founder and Principal at Invictus Advisors, a bilingual consulting and accounting firm whose mission is to be a strategic partner for business owners to make better financial decisions. Managing a portfolio of over 100 clients, with total assets over $10,000,000 he has lead the organization to open multiple offices throughout the United States and Mexico, increased their annual budget from $25,000 per year to over half a million dollars per year and tripled their office space. As a self-made author, entrepreneur and business owner he understands what it takes to start and run a business effectively.

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